TV Server Update


Good morning Today we will update the TV servicer this morning you may expericne an outage for about 10 min  and services  will be restored 


 - Greg 


31st Mai 2023
App Services will be discontinued June 1st

 Discontinued of App services    As we have been able to provide app services to many over these last year we had to make a business decision to discontinue our app services. This was a free hosting services we did supply however with the cost of rising server cost of streaming services.   We recommend  which there were only a few who ... Ler Mais »

12th Abr 2023
All Wordpress Servers have been updated

Good Morning all Wordpress servers have bee migrated to updated light speed servers. If your domain, email,  like that is not pointing  or is ot receiving emails. please contact us at so we can  assist accordingly Thank yo. 



4th Abr 2023
Zoom is Now Avaliable through Live Chat mon-Friday and weekends

NEED HELP have questions now the host masters you can instantly zoom via the chat module if Associate is already in the chat we currently have one person in support the tech will scheduel you a zoom back the same day.    Happy streaming  Zoom Hours  Mon-Friday  10 AM -6Pm CST  Saturday noon-6:00 Pm CST  Sunday  Not Avliable  Ler Mais »

28th Abr 2022
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