Sept 28th September Rankings

 Congrats to everyone    Soul World 26,594 SALTT RADIO 4750   Real Radio 3973 WFSC  2491  Datz IT Radio  2347 JTP 2092 VSC Quartet 1780 Fugeo Fresco 1679 7 Tribe 1595  J Legacy 1378  River and Word 1423 WCR 1294 Throne Room 1208    WKMR Radio   1172    VSC Gospel Radio 1604          Good News with Lisa 1642  ... Read More »

Sept 3rd August Rankings

August Rankings,    After a long back and forth and still going back and forth i had their engineers sit down and had them go one by one to get everyones numbers because even after 1st some populated accordingly but on what ever day their bug happen in agust which was about the 15. However your pros are able to go in and get numebrs so thats ... Read More »